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A la carte treatment

Chada facial signature (For women & Men)

The Facial signature treatment combines with cleansing, scrub,facial massage and mask the final result is overall relaxation with a smooth and velvety facial complexion.

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Future mom massage

“Future Mom” massage offers a relaxing moment that is most enjoyable and beneficial for pregnant women. With our adjustable body cushions, the expectant mother can be comfortably installed to enjoy this treatment. The benefits include: Release of muscle tension and joint pain  Improvement of blood circulation Stress reduction  Recommended for women 12 weeks or more […]

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Thai foot massage

A combination of massage and reflexology and is about using massage to open up the Thai Sen Energy Channels to stimulate the flow of vital or life energy, while incorporating pressure on acupressure points. The benefits include: An improvement of blood circulation Improvement of lymphatic drainage, a boost to the immune system Improved mobility and range of […]

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Upper body massage (Back,Shoulder,Neck& Head)

This massage focusing on reducing stress and tension on the back,shoulder,neck and Head. Traditional holistic techniques are used to relax not only the body, but also the mind to improve overall wellbeing. During an Upper Body Massage, unlike most other massages, light to medium pressure will be applied rather than deep into the muscles to […]

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Chada relaxing or combine signature massage

Revered eastern and western massage techniques, combined with a signature oil blend, stimulate the circulation, promote deep relaxation and restore energy flow for supreme wellbeing. This is an unique massaging technique which blends the best aspects of Thai ,Swedish and oil massage .This therapy provides potent techniques to improve flexibility for every body type. And […]

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Awesome Packages

Massage Packages

Spoil your upper body 90 mins

Scrubbing your back 15 mins Upper body massage (Back,Shoulder,Neck and Head) 75mins

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Chada signature 2 hrs package

Thai foot massage 1 hrs Chada relaxing or combi signature massage 1 hrs

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